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For those who don't know about GlobalFreeloaders , a little explanation. It is a free internet community which travellers - real or armchair - can join. Joining does not entail any "commitment" but gives you the opportunity to act as host for other travellers or apply to be a guest of other members.

Being a host means you can offer to provide any level of assistance to others that you are comfortable with - accommodation, use of internet, meeting for a meal, giving local information, providing some tour guiding etc etc. You do not have to provide anything just because another member asks. But, it is polite to, at least, reply to their request.

Being a guest means you can ask for assistance when you visit another member's home town. If you are offered accommodation you are expected to be a good guest and be considerate of your host. If your host offers you meals or use of the kitchen, respond in a way that shows you appreciate their hospitality.

Many guests have left photos which they have taken during their stay and we would like to share them with you. We hope you enjoy a little travelogue of Sydney and other parts of Australia.